Santiago Gutierrez Vargas


Professor of engineering subjects in the public sector through the Polytechnic University of Guanajuato and likewise in the private sector he is a professor of business, entrepreneurship and engineering subjects at the university “Incarnet Word Campus Bajío”. His skills in innovation in biodigesters are supported by his studies in Mechanical Engineering; he is Master in Mechanical Engineering, Master in Management and Innovation, Doctor of Science in Chemical Engineering, Postdoc in Molecular Biology and Doctor in Industry of the FORDECYT program, culminating studies today in the IPMA standard. 

Owner of the Gas Verde brand and founding partner of two companies in the alternative energy sector. In the six years after obtaining his doctorate degree, he has developed and commercialized 17 technological developments registered in the IMPI, 10 projects as technical responsible, 39 works in congresses and 2 projects financed by international entities. Finally, he is one of the members and leaders in Latin America in the field of biodigesters through RedBioLac and its biodigester model “Crazy Pipe”.